Safety Library

Pub # Video Title Video Options
1 Driving Safety: Defensive Driving in a Dangerous World Watch  reserve
2 Fall Protection Watch  reserve
3 Back Injury Prevention Watch  reserve
4 Trenching & Shoring Safety Watch  reserve
5 Ladder Safety in Construction Watch  reserve
103 Trenchers Stay Alert Stay Alive reserve
104 Working Safe - Scrap Metal Industry reserve
107 Contractor/Subcontractor Safety reserve
113 Meaningful Hazard Communication - MSDS Warning Labels reserve
136 Lock-Out/Tag-Out reserve
140 Safe Dump Truck Operation reserve
142 Play it Safe: An Overview of Crane Safety reserve
143 Fit Testing Respirators reserve
146 Controlling The Load: Crane Rigging Safety reserve
147 Steep-Slope Roofing Safety reserve
157 Take Control: Lockout/Tagout reserve
174 Safe Span: Bridge Construction Safety reserve
200 American Society For Concrete Construction reserve
201 National Utilities Contractors Association reserve
202 Independent Electrical Contractors reserve
300 Working Around Buried Utilities reserve
399 Driving Safety reserve
923 Respirator Standards reserve
1000 NRCA: Setting Up A Jobsite Safely reserve
1002 NRCA: Water Damage: Don't Get Soaked reserve
1003 NRCA: Steep-Slope Safety: Don't Let It Slide reserve
1004 NRCA: Safety Awareness: It's Up to You reserve
1005 NRCA: Establishing A Safety Program reserve
1007 NRCA: Fire Safety: Don't Get Burned reserve
1008 NRCA: Substance Abuse In The Workplace reserve
1245 Aerial Work Platform reserve
1247 Louisville Ladder: Step-By-Step Ladder Safety reserve
1520 Scaffold Safety reserve
1521 NAHB Fall Protection reserve
1522 Driving Safety - Defensive Driving reserve
1523 National Safety Compliance - Driving Safety reserve
1524 Arc Flash Awareness reserve
1525 Trenching & Shoring Safety Update reserve
1526 The Cost of Accidents reserve
1527 Roadway Safety - Road Construction Industry reserve
1528 Chains, Cranes, Slings & Hoists reserve
1529 Welding and Cutting Torch Safety reserve
1530 Landscape Maintenance Safety reserve
1531 Fall Protection for Construction reserve
1532 Louisville Ladder - Ladder Safety reserve
1533 Lead Exposure reserve
1534 Bloodborne Pathogens in the Workplace reserve
1535 Back Injury Prevention reserve
1536 Supported Scaffolding Safety reserve
1537 Ladder Safety reserve

If you would prefer to reserve a physical copy of a safety video, contact J.V. Resources, Inc. by using the reservation form below. All bold fields are required. Review the following guidelines.

  1. Videos are obtainable one at a time; depending on availability (always have a couple of videos in mind).

  2. The company has 2 weeks to view the video, and then send it back.

  3. The only cost the company incurs is the postage to mail it back.

  4. The average length of each video is 16 minutes.

  5. If the company is interested in purchasing safety videos, they can go to or call 1-800-397-5215.

  6. Videos are NOT available in Spanish (videos no están disponibles en español).

  7. If the video is lost or broken, the company is responsible for the cost to replace the video.

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